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Bitches I'm back!

2011-08-18 14:31:21 by RancherGurl

I'm back!

And I will be making a sequel to Horse Barn as soon as Josh lets me use his tablet.
It will be better animated better written and probably alot longer!
I don't know if anyone still remembers it but you will after this sequel!

But for now we will make a little short for you guys!


Hello Newgrounds!

My brother is creating a company called "DefBoyAnimation"
He need's a team that will work with him for huge projects, and i have joined his company, and i am one of his Voice actors and animators.
If you would like to join his company you can pm him.
His user is Jomillex.

In other news, I have been riding horses for some time now.
And this sunday I am Showing (Riding a horse in a show that will be judged) and it's my first time.
I am hoping to get placed at all, and if it's not to much to ask get placed first.

Also I am making ANOTHER Horse Barn!


2010-10-08 17:39:42 by RancherGurl

yay!!!!!! im soo happy cuz..... i cantered on the old horse who can bearly walk!!!!:)and im showing in november!


2010-09-03 22:56:44 by RancherGurl


Something to do my granpa is buyin fireworks again!!!!!And lobster again, last time he went a little over board i hope he does it this time to!!!!:)))) WOW i am really weird and happy!

back to school

2010-08-26 15:46:51 by RancherGurl


We are back at school :( I have less time to animate and i don't like it one bit! At least I am now in the same school as my brother though:)

- katie

horse barn is done

2010-08-24 10:55:19 by RancherGurl

Yup its done check it out here :D

So ill make the next episode soon it will be bigger and longer funnier and better animated :D it will be my 3rd Animation :DD!!!!!!!!!!


Horse Barn Almost done!

2010-08-23 10:35:05 by RancherGurl


The first episode of Horse barn is almost done!
KAtie yes it is very short but each episode my brother is teaching me new things this week was lipsyncing :)


Recording Lines for Horse Barn

2010-08-21 13:21:22 by RancherGurl


Today me and josh are recording lines for Horse Barn Episode 1.

heres a taste of Dave's Voice LINK
So yeah it's going to be a short little pilot to the series animated by Me and my brother Josh (Jomillex)

I'll keep updateing the status of the cartoon byeee


Horse Barn Episode 1 in the making :D

2010-08-20 22:28:28 by RancherGurl

Hi everyone it's Katie!

You may know my brother Jomillex whos an animator.

But i am too :D

and i am making a cartoon series called "Horse Barn" the title says it all its about horses that live at a barn!

I'm making the first episode soon with a little help from my big brother :)

heres the title picture that me and my brother drew for the other character and dave.

The other characters name is steve.
my riding lesson is 2 morrow im so excited i might canter 4 the first time!!!!

Horse Barn Episode 1 in the making :D

my next project

2010-08-20 15:15:27 by RancherGurl

hello its katie!

im doing a new project called horse barn its all about horses and there waky adventures!

the first episode is about 2 of the horses Dave and a girly boy horse named cody!

heres a picture of dave.

I drew it with a mouse becuase my big brother wont let me use his tablet he wants me to start off like he did with a mouse. but he started on paint so i guess i am a little ahead than he was at 10.

mousy ttkttkttk!!!!


my next project