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my next project

2010-08-20 15:15:27 by RancherGurl

hello its katie!

im doing a new project called horse barn its all about horses and there waky adventures!

the first episode is about 2 of the horses Dave and a girly boy horse named cody!

heres a picture of dave.

I drew it with a mouse becuase my big brother wont let me use his tablet he wants me to start off like he did with a mouse. but he started on paint so i guess i am a little ahead than he was at 10.

mousy ttkttkttk!!!!


my next project


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2010-08-20 15:17:41

Hmmmk a girly guy horse sounds like he's a little gay isnt he.


2010-08-20 19:47:31

thats great for a mouse drawing!