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Horse Barn Episode 1 in the making :D

2010-08-20 22:28:28 by RancherGurl

Hi everyone it's Katie!

You may know my brother Jomillex whos an animator.

But i am too :D

and i am making a cartoon series called "Horse Barn" the title says it all its about horses that live at a barn!

I'm making the first episode soon with a little help from my big brother :)

heres the title picture that me and my brother drew for the other character and dave.

The other characters name is steve.
my riding lesson is 2 morrow im so excited i might canter 4 the first time!!!!

Horse Barn Episode 1 in the making :D


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2010-08-20 22:59:45

Look's like it will be really cute!

RancherGurl responds:

lol thanks its gonna be funny and me and my brother are typing it so its going to be a little bad (as in innapropriate)


2010-08-20 23:12:45

Lol, I think you can handle it.


2010-08-20 23:15:49

I hope you know your brother called this gay...

RancherGurl responds:

he didnt call it gay i told him one of the horses acts gay the girlie one XD


2010-08-21 01:45:32

horse barn horse lol!