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back to school

2010-08-26 15:46:51 by RancherGurl


We are back at school :( I have less time to animate and i don't like it one bit! At least I am now in the same school as my brother though:)

- katie


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2010-08-26 17:42:19

I started 2 days ago. =(

RancherGurl responds:

ya that stinks i got lost in my school lol :)!


2010-09-02 19:08:17

lol you got lost?

RancherGurl responds:

lol ya i ended up in the 8th grade wing.


2010-09-03 19:20:26

8TH GRADE? lol

RancherGurl responds:

ya i did not know what to do so i just said hi to everyone lol i am rrreeeaally weird!